Money Maker Deluxe – Firebrush Studio

What is Money Maker Deluxe?

Money Maker Deluxe is a turn­-based economics simulation game in which the player acts as a banker in the 16th century Netherlands. With all the tools of a bank at his disposal, the player competes against rival banks to make a profit. The player can borrow, buy, trade, print and fraud his way to become the biggest loanshark in town. Or he can grow gradually and safely, abiding the golden standard, to withstand the toughest storms together with the community. Money Maker Deluxe teaches the player about the development and foundations of our modern financial system, involving fractional reserve banking, fiat money, bailouts and hyperinflation.

Why Money Maker Deluxe?

Eager to educate people on our financial system and the way modern banks handle our money, Paul Brinkkemper, one of the founders of Firebrush Studios, created the first version of Money Maker Deluxe as a graduation project. When founding Firebrush Studios, the team decided to revive the project. I was the head artist working on Money Maker Deluxe during an internship in 2015 – 2016.

MoneyMaker the boardgame

Due to having too many projects running, the production of Money Maker Deluxe was put on hold. The design behind the video game was later re-used to create MoneyMaker the boardgame. Many art assets that I created were implimented in the first version of the boardgame, but the newest version of MoneyMaker got a complete revamp.

Marie Lhuissier
Lead Artist | Animator | Designer
Lóng Zhang
Head Designer
Alexandra Cunetchi
Head Programmer
Alexander Kappehoff
Founder | Artist | Designer
Paul Brinkkemper
Founder| Programmer | Designer
Martijn Poels
Founder | Marketing | Finance