Play Perimortem

What is Perimortem?

Perimortem, which means ‘at’ or ‘near death’ is a sidescroller runner game created during the 24 hour DGDARC gamejam, with the theme ‘time is over before you know it’. In competition against seven other teams, Perimortem was declared the winner of the gamejam by the juries!

The gameplay

When producing Perimortem, we utilized the theme by putting emphasis on ‘before you know it’. Perimortem is a runner with its mechanic revolving around an invisible timer. Players have to find a safe zone before the end of the timer and traverse a world through platforming while the clock is ticking.

This creates an interesting mechanic where the players may choose to skip safe zones, earning more points, because they believe they have plenty of time to find the next one. Or they can play it safe and wait at a safe point for the timer to restart before continuing. Because invisible mechanics are often frustrating, we strived to give the player many hints about how much time he has left. The most important hints the game provides is through the music, which gets more tense as the player starts to run low on time. This intensification is done by overlapping tracks created specifically for the game. The levels in Perimortem are generated through procedural level generation, which always creates a feasible path. This way we were able relieve ourselves from the extra work of designing levels and it enhances the replayability of the game. Due to limited time, the game still has some rough edges that could use some polishing. We are currently considering wether to continue the game or not.

Marie Lhuissier
Artist | Animator | Designer
Kevin Hutchinson
Programmer | Designer
Lukas Donkers
Programmer | Designer
Alexander Leestemakers
Programmer | Designer
Arthur Brussee
Programmer | Designer