Gameboy Boy Game

Gameboy Boy Game is a game created for the 24 hour DGDARC Gamejam 2015 with the theme ‘Gameception’. My team and I participated from the UU, located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

What is Gameboy Boy Game?

Gameboy Boy Game is a top down view game in which the player controls a little boy returning home from school, who is completely focussed on his Pacman game on his gameboy. The real world and the game world start to merge. The player controls Pacman and by controling him, he also automatically controls the motion of the little boy. By moving Pacman correctly, the player has to guide the little boy  and help him return to his house savely throughout multiple levels.

Marie Lhuissier
Artist | Animator
Kevin Hutchinson
Programmer | Designer
Marijn Mengerink
Sander Verkuil