Hello! Welcome to my portfolio website and glad you are showing interest in my work!

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My name is Marie Lhuissier, I’m a visual designer and illustrator with a specialization in 2D game art and design. I’ve been practicing art since a very young age and video games have been a huge part of my childhood, which is why I decided to pursue these interests on a professional level.

In the past, I have worked on projects for various clients, including Burgers’ Zoo, ProRail and Zeelandia. I also followed a six months internship at Firebrush Studios which ended in 2016.

I graduated with honors from the HKU Games & Interaction department with my project ‘Anamnesis: A Journey Through Grief‘, which was also nominated for the HKU Innovation award in 2018.

I’m currently working as an asset designer at Media.Monks. Besides my role as designer, I have also been trained as a secondary art director and I frequently take over producer tasks when required.

During my time at Media.Monks I have exclusively worked on an international project under NDA for a world renowned client. My current tasks mainly revolve around designing and creating digital assets for various online platforms. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to disclose any more information regarding the project

My initial knowledge and skillset heavily applied to games and app development, think of concept art, illustration, (basic) motion graphics / animation and UI / UX design. The transition to graphic design and photo editing / retouching naturally occurred through various freelance projects and my current job.

You can find further information on my work experience and skills in my CV.

Please feel free to contact me at marie.lhuissier@chello.nl should you have further enquiries.