After Party

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What is After Party?

After Party is a local multiplayer game created for the Global Game Jam 2019 with the theme ‘what homes means to you’.

The gameplay

The game supports four players who’s characters  just had a huge party while the parents were away. The aftermath of the party is a horrendous mess and everyone is hung over when suddenly the mom calls to announce she is coming home early. Can the players clean up the whole house before she arrives, without making it worse?

Relation to the theme

Home is where you have the freedom to do whatever you want, until mom finds out..

Marie Lhuissier
Art Director | 2D Artist
Carlijn Peeters & Ivana Peeters
Additional 2D Artists
Dave Reuling
3D Artist
Joey Relouw
3D Artist
Jesse Ravensbergen
Designer | Script Writer
Wilco Boode
Lead Designer | Programmer
Kevin Hutchinson
Lead Programmer
Phil de Groot
Lead Programmer
Franka Staffhorst
Audio Designer | Video Editor
Thomas Buijtenweg
Producer | Project Manager