What is Eeno?

Eeno is a platformer puzzle game created during the 48 hour Global Gamejam with the theme ‘what do we do now’.

The gameplay

Eeno is a platformer puzzle game in which the player controls a little creature called an Eeno. By killing different types of monsters, the Eeno can switch between elements, changing his appearance and abilities. By absorbing and combining the correct elements at the right moment, the player has to get through a series of levels to the finish.

I worked on the foreground assets such as the ground building blocks, the characters and animations. Iskander Abspoel worked on the  vegetation and backgrounds.



Marie Lhuissier
Artist | Animator | Designer
Iskander Abspoel
Artist | Designer
Kevin Hutchinson
Programmer | Designer
Jurriaan Pijpers
Programmer | Designer
Dick Booisma
Programmer | Designer
Marijn Mengerink
Programmer | Designer