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What is Burgers’ Zoo Snapshot?

Burgers’ Zoo Snapshot is a 360° mobile app game in which the player acts as a nature photographer hired by Burgers’ Zoo to photograph the animals and create an exposition. The player can visit the different ecosystems of the zoo through various 360° videos inside the residences of the animals. The photos have specific requirements and thus, in each area, the player is given a list of tasks fullfill.

The game prototype covered three of the seven ecosystems when the project ended in December 2016. Burgers’ Zoo continued developing the game and added the missing areas. The app was officially launched in August 2017 and can be downloaded through the app store for Android and IOS.

Why Burgers’ Zoo Snapshot?

Burgers’ Zoo, situated in Arnhem, The Netherlands is popular for having its park divided into seven sections representing different ecosystems, with the purpose of immitating the natural habitats of their animals. Burgers’ Zoo commissioned a project with a team of four HKU and two UU students in order to experiment with gamification within their marketing strategy.

The objective is to give the players, children up to the age of 12, the unique and immersive experience of the different ecosystems through a game that can be played from home. Besides the suggestion of incorporating 360° videos or AR / VR, Burgers’ Zoo gave us a lot of freedom with respect to the execution, visuals and gameplay, as long as it met with the standards of the company. An example would be not to motivate unwanted behaviour such as the feeding of the zoo animals.

Marie Lhuissier
Artist | Designer
Mesut Pehlivan
Artist | Designer
Floor Koens
Jonat Deelstra
Animator | Video Editor | Designer
Carolien Gilbers
Programmer | Designer
Marij Nefkens
Programmer | Designer