What is vARRRR?

vARRRR is a multiplayer VR game created during the 48 hour Global Game Jam, with the theme ‘waves’.

The gameplay

vARRRR is a 3-5 player game for the HTC vive using up to 4 controllers and one headset. The player with the headset is the captain of a ship full of blind pirates. Himself having wooden limbs, he is unable to perform any task aboard except command his blind deck mates, the other players. While sailing across the sea, the ship is regularly attacked by a giant octopus. The captain has to guide the deck mates and report what locations of the ship need defending. On top of that, the weather can turn bad and an occasional wave might throw a deck mate over board if they don’t hold on to the mast at the right moment.

Marie Lhuissier
2D Artist
Joey Relouw
3D Artist
Kevin Hutchinson
Carlos Santos
Jeroen van de Haterd
Wilco Boode