Go Rio – Zeelandia via BUAS

What is Go Rio?

Go Rio! is a business-strategy teambuilding game.

The target audience

The game was created to introduce and support the growth strategy of The Royal Zeelandia. The game was built for, and aimed towards Zeelandia’s corporate executives. Players learn to work together across various hierarchies to produce goods, maintain factories, adapt to ever-changing market conditions and random events, and grow as a cohesive company.

Go Rio! was well-received by the client during the workshop in Brazil and has since been used internally within the NHTV University of Applied Sciences to help train students in team communication and cooperativeness.

Marie Lhuissier
Graphic Designer
Kevin Hutchinson
Elliott Verbiest
Thomas Buijtenweg
Lead Designer
Igor Mayer
Project Manager | Designer
Jessika Weber
Project Manager | Designer